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MensagemAssunto: bLUEbERRY gARDEn   Ter Jun 23, 2009 11:52 pm


Blueberry Garden is a short experimental game about curiosity and
exploration. You take on the role of a creature investigating a
mysterious world to find out what is going on there. It’s probably not
very much like anything you’ve played before but I hope you will find
it enjoyable!

Get it on Steam – only $5!
There is a demo version there too, so that you can make sure the
game runs on your computer. It’s got no ending or goal though so don’t
play it too much please, that would only ruin the experience I think.

If you have a technical problems with the game, please go to this page.

  • Independent Games Festival “Seumas McNally Grand Prize”, 2009
  • Swedish Game Awards “Best Innovation”, 2008

What people have said about it

“Erik’s Blueberry Garden is a playground of exploration and
oddities. It’s beautifully calming yet fast-paced. It’s like every
platformer you’ve ever experienced yet nothing like anything you’ve
ever played. Most importantly, Blueberry Garden is definitely worthy of the prize bestowed upon it.” — Michael Rose,
Blueberry Garden was so beautiful I almost wanted to put
it in a ribbon-wrapped box with a kitten and cry a little. And, it
felt, a perfect coda to the week – showing the entire spread of games
on offer – from the brash and brutal stimulations of the big boys, to a
dainty little piece of indy magic.” — Bobbie Johnson,
To return to my original comment, Blueberry Garden
is your typical indie game, but in the best sense possible. It’s
original and innovative whilst taking the finest parts of a well-tread
genre and expanding them to show what can still be done to keep it
fresh and involving.” — Rowan Davies, The Dead Pixel Post
“The first thing that striked me about BG was the sense of wonder i
felt while walking in the garden. I felt like the world was without
borders, and without real barriers. The more fruits i found, the more i
was looking for more of them.” — Alessandro Toffoli
“A brilliant game concept that is executed with precision and
presented beautifully. Intertwines graphics, sound and gameplay and
evokes the feeling that the game world is truly alive.” — Swedish Game
Awards Jury
“Blueberry Garden is a one-of-a-kind experience that you shouldn’t
pass up. With multiple attempts, the game offers a few hours of
excellent and challenging problem-solving adventuring. Despite its
short length, the magically evolving garden and joyous drive for
exploration it instills makes this game worth every cent of its
incredibly affordable $5 price tag.” — Nathan Meunier, GreenPixels
Spoiler free review by The New Flesh



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